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How's My Driving? Sticker Program

Safety Alert has been providing fleet safety monitoring since 1991. We are a fleet safety industry leader and have been recognized in reducing thousands of accidents and saving companies millions. More importantly, we have saved lives.

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Ever wonder why your competitors use 1-800 How’s My Driving? Decals to improve their fleet safety? It works! And it’s cost-effective!

How’s My Driving? is the first fleet safety management program of its kind brought into the USA and since 1991 we have effectively raised the profile of road safety while helping drivers to become more mindful of their driving style. As a social enterprise organization, we reinvest the greater part of the benefits produced using the How’s My Driving? sticker plan into the worldwide road safety ventures.


  • 1-800 Decal Stickers (visible day and night)
  • Live Trained operators to report motorists’ calls
  • Access to Insight on your drivers
  • Access to History of motorist calls
  • Emailed reports in seconds
  • Compatible with our other Fleet Safety Programs
  • Reduce the number of accidents
  • Save your company millions!

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How does it work?

When a caller calls on one of our How’s My Driving? decals, the call is answered by one of our live trained operators. Callers do not want to talk to an automated answering machine, do you? The report is created and delivered within seconds. Getting the information to our clients quickly is crucial to avoiding possible losses. Our clients have secure access to their reports and information 24 hours a day.

Our on-line proprietary reporting allows our clients to identify high risk driving trends quickly so they can act to improve their fleet’s safety. Our 1-800 service is implemented across all types of industries. No fleet is too big or too small. We operate in all 50 United States and Canada.

Our 1-800 Fleet Monitoring works hand in hand with other fleet safety programs. By combining our valuable information with GPS, On Board Cameras, or any type of Telematics, fleet safety managers get a clear and concise understanding as to who is a good or high risk driver. Fleet Safety Managers’ time is precious. Our service will identify the drivers who need his attention.

Our 1-800 Monitoring Service cost less than you think!

Fleet monitoring does not cost, it saves! Our clients generally see an accident frequency reduction of over 10% in just the first year. Safety Alert works hard to keep our cost down by spreading our cost over thousands of companies and by working with our insurance partners. Safety Alert has agreements in place with many prominent insurance companies that pick up part or all our cost. Comparatively, it typically costs less than a couple of gallons of gas or just one windshield wiper to have our proven 1-800 How’s My Driving? program for an entire year. To get a no obligation quote, simply fill out the Contact Us Form and we will send you a full information packet.

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