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24/7 Driver Monitoring Program

Our 24/7 fleet monitoring answering service is an effective bumper-sticker based program. By receiving and utilizing feedback from other drivers, we help identify high-risk drivers and prevent accidents that could endanger your company’s fleet safety rating.

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Ever wonder why your competitors use 1-800 How’s My Driving? Decals to improve their fleet safety? It works! And it’s cost-effective!

How’s My Driving? is the first fleet safety management program of its kind brought into the USA and since 1991 we have effectively raised the profile of road safety while helping drivers to become more mindful of their driving style. As a social enterprise organization, we reinvest the greater part of the benefits produced using the How’s My Driving? sticker plan into the worldwide road safety ventures.


When someone calls on one of our How’s My Driving? decals, the call is answered by one of our live trained operators. The report is created and delivered within seconds. Getting the information to our clients quickly is crucial to avoiding possible losses. Our clients have secure access to their reports and information 24 hours a day.

How 's My Driving Decal Observation Program
1-800 DECALS

We provide you with reflective 1-800 How’s My Driving? decals that are easy-to-read at day or night. Each vehicle’s decal has a toll-free phone number and a unique vehicle ID.


Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions

When motorists call one of our How’s My Driving Decals, the call is answered by one of our live trained operators and recorded into an incident report for supervisors to review.


Electronic Logging Devices

Upon receiving the incident report, supervisors can follow up and record if action was taken to correct the incident and to prevent it from happening again.


  • 1-800 Decal Stickers (visible day and night)
  • Live Trained operators to report motorists’ calls
  • Access to Insight on your drivers
  • Access to History of motorist calls
  • Emailed reports in seconds
  • Compatible with our other Fleet Safety Programs
  • Reduce the number of accidents
  • Save your company millions!

Our 1-800 Monitoring Service cost less than you think!

Fleet monitoring does not cost, it saves! Our clients generally see an accident frequency reduction of over 10% in just the first year. Safety Alert works hard to keep our cost down by spreading our cost over thousands of companies and by working with our insurance partners. Safety Alert has agreements in place with many prominent insurance companies that pick up part or all our cost.

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Safety Alert How's My Driving Sticker 4

Our 1-800 Monitoring Service cost less than you think!

Safety Alert Network offers a varitey of standard decals to choose from. We can work with you to find the decal that bes matches your vehicle color scheme and company philosophy. We can provide customized decals when you order 200 or more decals at no additional charge.

Fleet Monitoring is Effective.
Fleet monitoring (1-800 How’s My Driving) is one of the most effective ways to improve your fleet’s safety record. Contact us today to see why we are the leader in fleet safety solutions.
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