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Insurance Partnership Program

We work with Underwriters, Loss Control, Risk Managers, and Brokers.

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In 1991 I started Safety Alert Network, Inc. I was only 26 years old and realized that I had to bring some credibility to my new idea of a national 1-800 How’s My Driving fleet monitoring concept. The natural choice was partnering up with the insurance industry. The insurance partnerships that I have been able to make is the reason we have been so successful. Most of my clients come from those relationships.

What Safety Alert offers to our insurance partners:
  • A proven accident reduction service.
  • An extra added value service to their customer.
  • Discounted rate for our service.
  • No minimum to participate.
  • No long term commitments.
  • We never require the Insurance partner to pay for our service.

We work with Underwriters, Loss Control, Risk Managers, and Brokers. I would be happy to send you a full information package at no obligation. Simply fill out our simple contact form or call 225-928-4341 x 201. I look forward to talking with you soon.


Baron K. Davis

Safety Alert Network, inc.

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