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Get exclusive access to our fleet companies with Safety Alert’s Driver Recruitment Program.

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Safety Alert provides fleet monitoring tools and truck drivers wanted campaigns for hundreds of major trucking companies throughout the United States. These companies are actively and regularly looking for qualified drivers. You could be one of them through our truck driver recruitment services.

If you are a truck driver needing a trucking job or would like to become a truck driver for one of our companies, simply fill out our truck driver resume form.

Your resume will then be sent to the Safety Alert’s trucking companies all over the country who are actively looking for truck drivers.

How does it work?

  1. Fill out the online truck driver resume form.
  2. Safety Alert takes all resumes from active and potential drivers 24×7 to help you become a truck driver.
  3. Safety Alert’s truck driver recruitment clients will have access to your resume to contact you directly.
  4. You have cosmplete access to view, print, and update your resume anytime, anywhere.

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