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Fleet Safety Solutions

Fleet Safety is Our Business! Safety Alert is the leader in fleet safety services. Established in 1991, we have helped thousands of companies to reduce their accident frequency rate and save millions of dollars in reduced accidents. More importantly, we have saved lives. With an array of fleet safety services, we can help you monitor your fleet in an efficient manner. Let us find the right fleet tracking solutions your organization needs.

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How's My Driving Decal Observation Program

How's My Driving?

The first road safety risk plan of its kind brought into the USA. Our fleet safety management program has effectively raised the profile of road safety by helping you monitor fleet safety, reduce the number of accidents and save your company millions.

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Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions

GPS Solutions

Our fleet GPS solutions are used to track fleets by giving access to LIVE fleet following and resource administration. This gives you the ability to profit sparing choices with a brisk look. We also provide Teen GPS solutions for your peace of mind.

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Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic Logging

Detect violations and prevent errors before they impact your safety rating. Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) help you maintain HOS compliance. Forward-looking fleets have adopted electronic logging technologies to more easily maintain detailed driver logs.

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Other Services

Safety Alert also provides Driver Recruitment, Online Driver Training and Teen GPS Solutions.

Distracted Driving


Stop texting while driving.

CDL Truck Driver Jobs

Driver Recruitment

Find Driver Jobs or Find CDL Drivers

Teen GPS Tracking

Teen GPS

For your peace of mind.

Fleet Monitoring and Reporting

We can help you identify High-Risk Drivers before an accident occurs and improve driver behavior. We can help you accomplish this with our 1-800 How's My Driving? decal observation program, GPS Fleet Monitoring, Cellcontrol, 24/7 Live Operators and Incident Reporting.

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