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Safety Alert is the leader in fleet safety services. Since 1991, we have helped thousands of companies to reduce their accident frequency rate and save millions of dollars in reduced accidents. More importantly, we have saved lives.

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We provide the best, user-friendly fleet safety services at the lowest possible cost.

How 's My Driving Decal Observation Program

1-800 How's My Driving?

Our 24/7 fleet monitoring answering service is an effective bumper-sticker based program. By receiving and utilizing feedback from other drivers, we help identify high-risk drivers and prevent accidents that could endanger your company’s fleet safety rating.

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Fleet GPS Tracking Solutions

Fleet GPS Tracking

Our fleet GPS utilizes the latest telematics technology to monitor your fleet’s driving behaviors. By giving Internet-based access to LIVE fleet following and resource administration, we can help you know where your fleet resources are at all times.

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Electronic Logging Devices


Don’t wait to prepare for the ELD Mandate. Our ELD’s are the solution to maintain HOS compliance. Our 25 years experience has helped fleets maintain detailed driver logs, detect violations and prevent errors before they impact your safety rating.

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No fleet is too big or too small. Let Safety Alert help you monitor your drivers, improve your fleet safety and save your company millions!


Loomis Safety Solutions

Turner Industries Fleet Management

Fleet Monitoring is Effective.
Fleet monitoring (1-800 How’s My Driving) is one of the most effective ways to improve your fleet’s safety record. Contact us today to see why we are the leader in fleet safety solutions.
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